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Steve Jobs

2011-10-09 06:39:19 by itsjms

We've lost a visionary. But we'll never loose the vision.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for everything you've done for computing, design, and the world.

New Years Self Assessment!

2008-12-31 13:52:53 by itsjms

I began this year with one of my best flashes ever, and a very big popularity boost.

Sprite TV 2 did exceptionally well and ended up being great! I really had some fun working with those guys.

Then came a very hard game by ssjskipp and I, HexStar. I feel like this game is overlooked a little. If you actually take the time to learn how to play it is pretty addictive and can be a great time waster. I guess it was just WAY to hard for the general audience of Newgrounds.

April rolled around and DrawIT came out well for us, but after finishing it, I still felt it lacked what it should have had. Should we release a 2nd?

A few days later, I released another game from ssjskipp and I called Twist 2 which was a re-make on my original game Twist that did very well in the portal. Sadly, Twist 2 got the exact same score the first one did. I guess because of the challenging factor once again?

June was a fun month, I got to work with a friend of mine finally (coolio-niato) and we released a fun mind game called - Mind Impulse -. The score was phenomenal and we even got it put on yahoo games over at I felt good that month :]

Over in July I released The Baby :3 which was a 1 hour short I made for animation practice battling Kyle Thomson, my fellow game designer, it wasn't very important at all. Besides the fact ive been 5ing it for the past 5 months to get its score to what it is >.<

I also put out one of my most famous games, Box Dodge Fury. Its simple and slick design let it spread far and wide. Someone even made a YouTube video of it, which made me happy inside, and it's on quite a few websites. Kyle and I finally started working together again and found out, simple and quick games, may be more effective than games that we spend forever on.

This game has to be the biggest let down of my year. I worked long and hard on this HUGE beat game. It has an animated story mode and really REALLY fun game play if you learn it. I guess it was just TO difficult for some people. But, I definitely recommend you go give it a try.

In the last few months of the year, I think ive been getting much better at design and layout setup, as well as transition effects and making the user's happy. Here are a few of my later submissions which I feel I have learned a lot off of.

Well, its December now and I have only released 3 more flashes. My best ever which was The iPhone Shuffle, which some people love and others hate. I gained tons of fans from it, and about 4 people put it on YouTube. I EVEN GOT IN THE TOP 50, NUMBER 1 FOR A DAY :D, that really made my year worth it. Thanks Guys!

After it, I released my other 2 games, both being puzzle/logic games. Mind Cards was FINALLY released (even though we started it about 8 months ago and just never felt like finishing it) and it did super well from what I thought. We then submitted our last game, Grid81. This game did terrible for my expectations. I don't understand what people don't get about it, but I guess I know now, those games aren't for you guys :P

Thanks for the great year NG08!

The iPhone Shuffle!

2008-12-10 22:37:08 by itsjms

Wow! Just wow, im so glad you guys enjoyed me and TomaMoto's flash spoof on The iPhone Shuffle. I know you guys have been saying that we stold the idea from the youtube video, but let me explain to you guys where the idea came from. Me and 2 of my buddies were walking through target and we happened to be walking past the electronics section when a buddy of mine started making a joke about if apple released a product called the iPhone Shuffle. Well, me and my friend laughed so hard I decided it would be funny if I made it into a flash video, and who better to do the voice than TomaMoto. Anyways, I contacted him about it and he liked the idea as well, so we began work on it. I didn't even know the spoof existed until angry newgrounds members accused me of stealing it.

Anyways, on a better note, I just want to say thanks for my nifty awards and go favorite it!




Im also 2 people away from having 200 people who have favorited me as an artist, be the last 2 :3

The iPhone Shuffle!

Ng Poster!

2008-11-27 10:58:22 by itsjms

My dad is downstairs rick rolling himself, listening to that stupid song. What an idiot!

Also, I just received my poster from newground and it is awesome! So worth 10$, its HUGE and has an amazing quality to it. Go buy one!

Ng Poster!

***** VOTE TODAY! *****

2008-11-04 11:23:48 by itsjms

Go vote, dont be a n00b

***** VOTE TODAY! *****

Happy Halloween!

2008-10-31 16:44:37 by itsjms

Happy Halloween Newgrounds! I made you guys a pumpkin :D

Happy Halloween!

Google Chrome + Tom I Beat Castle Crashers Review!

2008-09-04 21:13:11 by itsjms

Tom I Beat Castle Crashers The Review!


Castle Crashers was awesome. It was totally worth every single Microsoft point I spent on it. If I do say so myself it is one of the biggest, most fun, and best quality arcade games on the xbox arcade marketplace. I have purchased quite a few of them, including some of the most popular. But, Castle Crashers keeps me coming back. Everything in the game was great and I will break it up into sections for easier reading for you kids that hate to read.

Gameplay 10/10


The gameplay in Castle Crashers was amazing, all characters were unique and had a nice twist to them. The effects and movements all fit together perfectly. The button masher style gameplay along with cool combos at certain levels were awesome. Finding the cute and cool looking animals around the game also gave me reasons to go back and play through previous level's giving me a second more in depth look at the ingenious level design. All the levels had a unique twist and were put together better than big companies in my opinion. The game never bored me and I enjoyed every second of gameplay. The game also wasn't as easy as I expected. I found myself stuck at levels trying to gain skills to pass on to the next level. It was just all amazing. Also, the final boss was very hard and very fun. And the end of the game had me laughing my ass off. I didn't even see that coming.

Graphics 10/10


The graphics were awesome, from the boomerang to all the character to designs. Every move flowed smoothly together and the overall cartoon look of the game made it great. It is definitly super unique among other sidescrollers. I loved finding what the next cute animal would be and what the next cahracter would end up being. I loved the little blobs that attack you and the knights that for some reason reminded me of starwars with there light sabers.

Sounds and Music 10/10


I could tell most of the music was created by our truely amazing users over at the audio portal. I enjoyed every track and all of them fit in. I saw some stuff I had also previously heard and or used in a submission or two here at newgrounds. It was just all once again awesome guys.

Exploits I have found


If you guy's need money in the game I would reccomend beating the game and not worrying about it until the end. Level up your magic to the max and just go back to the barbarian boss and beat his ass using your magic. I just grab a bunch of gear that up's my magic skill along with the animal that helps it out as well. I have killed him a few times were he doesnt even get one hit in. Most of the time he gets one move in that I dodge and then its over. But, you can make about 100 gold or so a match. Its a pretty easy glitch. There is also a glitch for experience using the boomerang but I am to tires to explain it right now, just look it up on youtube :P

Final Note


If you want the best game on the xbox live arcade marketplace just go purchase castle crashers. Its a big game that will keep you going for days or weeks and never gets old. Only if they would fix the damn xbox live thing so I can finish out my achevment's list.

Google Chrome


Just downloaded googles new browser they released to check out the beta. It's pretty nice. I still think I will stick with firefox for now though. But, I would reccomend checking it out. Its super slick with hardly anything but the assentials. Im not sure if they have add-on's yet and for that I will stick with firefox. But, It looks pretty awesome.


Tom, thank me once again for promoting your game. I know im pretty much getting about 789 people to buy your game.

Castle Crashers Is Mine - Purchased!

2008-08-27 06:31:03 by itsjms

The game is awesome, I love it. Level 15 for tonight and stopping. I see someone from newgrounds whos already level 30 O.O they have me beat. Anyways, you have succeeded tom. I am addicted. I like slashing peoples heads off. And super button mashing. Congrats!


Hey guys, woke up at 6 am this morning before school and bought castle crashers. Gonna pop open the arcade real quick and give it a play :D


Woot! Its awesome, to bad I only had 10 minutes. Enjoi my pics for now, ill post videos later!


I love how the only picture I got was of me getting hit XD


Castle Crashers Is Mine - Purchased!

Portal Daily Awards 8-04-08

2008-08-04 00:14:53 by itsjms

(since there messed up)

Daily 1st

Toniko Pantoja (Toniko-x) - The Balloon Journey

Score : 4.18 / 5.00

Daily 2nd

St1k and Ssjskipp - Onristu

Score : 3.86 / 5.00

Daily 3rd

ZuiGe - Ultimate Rally Challenge

Score : 3.78 / 5.00

Daily 4th

VillainousTurtleSLC - Hallucinaliens

Score : 3.77 / 5.00

Daily 5th

arcadebomb - Avo-De

Score : 3.72 / 5.00

Please fix!

Box Dodge Fury + Daily 3rd

2008-07-25 00:08:47 by itsjms

Wow, awesome! This game was actually originally a huge joke. Me and Kyle occasionally get so bored we say, lets make a 15 minute game. And normally it's just for fun and ends up being total shit cakes. Well, he made some shitty engine he called "Block Dodge" or something and I made this nice run cycle with this stick guy and that awesome intro. And we ended up deciding it was pretty addicting and supposed we should fix the graphics up and add some features and throw it on newgrounds. Well we did and the score was awesome! Thanks guys! Much Love! Also, Onristu is going to be released tomorrow morning hopefully. For those of you that care...

For those of you who havn't seen this game : .html

Thank you again ^-^

Box Dodge Fury + Daily 3rd